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Welcome to The TRUCK YEAH! Podcast presented by Zipline Logistics. Are you ready to learn, laugh, and get your freight on?

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Episode 26

January 23, 2024

26 | Logistics Terms Every Pro Should Know: A Supply Chain Glossary

Every industry has its own set of terms that are exclusive to the space. To an outsider, they may seem like a foreign language...



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Episode 25

January 09, 2024

25 | 2024 Freight Market Predictions with President of Zipline Logistics, Andrew Lynch

Tune in to hear Zipline Logistics President, Andrew Lynch, reveal his 2024 freight market predictions, tailored for CPG brands. Andrew dives into his insights...



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Episode 24

December 26, 2023

24 | Freight Recessions and The Evolution of Freight Brokerages

In this episode, Teddy and Jesse discuss the freight recession we’ve been experiencing following the freight boom the COVID-19 pandemic caused. They also cover...



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Episode 23

December 12, 2023

23 | Shipping into CVS: Everything CPG Brands Should Know

We’re talking all things CVS today! CVS has over 9,000 locations across every state in the U.S., so a deal with CVS can bring...



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Episode 22

November 28, 2023

22 | What We're Thankful for at Zipline Logistics

Happy Thanksgiving, truckers!! In this special episode, Teddy and Jesse give thanks to everyone behind the scenes at Zipline Logistics for all that they...



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Episode 21

November 14, 2023

21 | Con Voyage: What Convoy's Shutdown Entails with Zipline Logistics President Andrew Lynch (BONUS EPISODE!)

BONUS EPISODE! Convoy Inc. recently announced it will be closing down its core business operations due to the massive freight recession we have been...