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Welcome to The TRUCK YEAH! Podcast presented by Zipline Logistics. Are you ready to learn, laugh, and get your freight on?

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Episode 31

April 02, 2024

31 | Q2 Freight Market Predictions with Katie McGovern, Zipline Logistics Senior Director of Operations

Interested to know if the freight market will flip anytime soon? Your hosts, Jesse and Teddy, sit down with their friend and colleague of...



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Episode 30

March 19, 2024

30 | Dispatch Diaries with Carrier Sales Account Executive Jordan Francis: Carrier Partner Insights and Stories

Please welcome Zipline Logistics Carrier Sales Account Executive, Jordan Francis, to the mic! In this episode, Teddy and Jesse get the 411 from Jordan...



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Episode 29

March 05, 2024

29 | Why Zipline Logistics Invests in Tradeshows Like Natural Products Expo West

We got President Andrew Lynch on the mic today!! In this episode, Andrew and your host Teddy discuss all things retail tradeshows: why to...



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Episode 28

February 20, 2024

28 | LTL Freight Classes FAQ: Everything CPG Shippers Need to Know

There’s a LOT to know about shipping LTL, like freight classes, NMFC codes, and how rates are determined. If you’re not sure where to...



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Episode 27

February 06, 2024

27 | Shipping Carbonated Beverages: Everything You Need to Know

Your hosts, Teddy and Jesse, are bursting with excitement to give you the 411 on all things carbonated beverages in this episode. Even if...



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Episode 26

January 23, 2024

26 | Logistics Terms Every Pro Should Know: A Supply Chain Glossary

Every industry has its own set of terms that are exclusive to the space. To an outsider, they may seem like a foreign language...