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Welcome to The TRUCK YEAH! Podcast presented by Zipline Logistics. Are you ready to learn, laugh, and get your freight on?

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Episode 37

July 09, 2024

38 | Q3 Freight Market Update and Predictions with Niki Pardi, Assistant Director of Operations

Please welcome Niki Pardi, Assistant Director of Operations at Zipline, to the mic for our usual quarterly update episode. Hosts Teddy and Jesse talk...



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Episode 27

June 25, 2024

37 | How to Prepare for CVSA Blitz Weeks: International Roadcheck, Operation Safe Driver, and Brake Safety Week

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) conducts several “blitz week” checks every summer in order to keep the roadways safe and efficient. These include...



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Episode 36

June 11, 2024

36 | 5 Ways to Recoup Near-Expired Food & Beverage Products

Food and beverage manufacturers are often faced with figuring out what to do with product that is near-expired in terms of its “sell by,”...



35 | How a Freight Broker Works: Everything You Need to Know About the Life of a Load

Episode 35

May 28, 2024

35 | How a Freight Broker Works: Everything You Need to Know About the Life of a Load

Before you decide to work with a third-party logistics (3PL) broker, understand how the relationship will look and function. What exactly will a freight...



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Episode 34

May 14, 2024

34 | Steer Clear of "Love Bombing" 3PLs with Guest Tyler Mathews, Sales Representative

We’ve got special guest Tyler Mathews, Zipline Sales Representative, on the podcast to coach CPG brands on spotting the early signs of “love bombing”...



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Episode 33

April 30, 2024

33 | Protecting High Value Loads (HVL) Against Cargo Theft with Jessica Newbury, VP of Operations at Zipline Logistics

Are you moving high value (HVL) shipments and experiencing increased theft?   You’re not alone. Cargo theft is at an all-time high, with stolen goods...